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Becky Belcore

From Mom: Mother’s Day is a recognition of the central role mothers should play in our lives.  Too many children are separated from their mothers as a result of many unjust systems, including the broken immigration system. On this Mother’s Day, Members of Congress should imagine what it would have been like to live as […]

Edward Cleofe

To Mom: Thank you for loving me even when you could not understand me, for being as strong as you are gentle, and for teaching me to fight as fiercely as you love. I owe you everything. – Edward Cleofe

Christin Kim

To Mom: This is my mom doing her “Kim Yuna” wave. Her strength and resilience inspires me everyday. I remember praying on our knees every day for our visas as a child. We need reform that is not punitive to parents who sacrifice everything for their children.  We need a better reform. For all the […]

To Mom: Thank you for your sacrifice working on behalf of our family and keeping our family together. We need immigration reform now for millions of mothers. – DJ Yoon

From Mom: I hope you grow up to be a person who is strong and can stand up independently. – Michelle Kim

To Mom: My mom and grandma are my rocks – I owe so much to them. Their selflessness and countless sacrifices have given me the chance to make my dreams come true, when theirs did not. Their unconditional love pushes me through every day. Thank you mommy and Ba Ngoai. – James Huynh

To Mom: Thank you mom for all that you have taught and sacrificed for me. You helped to make me the person that I am today. – Michael To

From Mom: I want you to know, there is a community that is nurturing and accepting of you regardless. – Thanh-Thu Luong

From Mom: 돈을 많이 벌고 명성을 얻는 일을 하는 것 보다 다른 사람들과 더불어 사는 기쁨을 알고 행복해하며 살기를 바란다. Rather than doing work that makes a lot of money or brings you fame, I hope you learn the joys of being with others and live a happy life. – Yeon Ok Suh

To Mom: Thank you for instilling the importance of family, perseverance, and compassion without borders. You are my role model, closest friend, and person I could count on -hands down- for anything. We need a system that honors the sacrifices of our mothers by supporting family unity. Period. – Emily Kessel (In Ah Kim)