2013 April

Taking care of each Other Eun Young Lee from Chicago, IL My niece, my cousin’s daughter, lives with her grandparents. Her parents are waiting for their Green Card. No one knows for sure how long she’ll have to wait to be able to live with her parents again. But until then, the rest of the […]

The Han Family David Han – Los Angeles, California The meaning of my family to me is love and hope. Family doesn’t always have to be blood related. It can be anyone who supports you, care for you, and love you. I was born in Busan, South Korea. My father was abusive and a drunk. […]

My Dysfunctional Family and I  Na Young Kim, La Crescenta, CA I’ve always been placed in the middle, regardless of the cost or burden, and my parents have sacrificed everything for me with a smile on their faces.                 My life began at the age of five. Everything […]

This is my Mother  Liz Jang – Brooklyn, NY This is my mother when she’s not pretending in front of the camera. She emigrated to the States to escape a psychopathic husband and oppressive social attitudes, boarding the plane with practically nothing but a fanny pack full of cash sewed to her stomach and her […]

Family is love Tiffany Hester Grasparil Monreal – Chicago, IL  At the end of the day, my family – my mom, dad, and sister – will always be the ones to whom I turn. Whatever I do, whoever I become, they will be there for me. That’s what family is.

Individual parts results in Unity  Randy Kim – Chicago, IL  I have two twin brothers.  They don’t resemble each other.  Their personalities are far apart.  My brother Andy on the right loves the Cubs, but Tony, despite the fact that he’s wearing a Cubs jersey, is not a baseball fan.  However, they share similar traits. […]

Immigration Reform = happy families Debbie Lee – California 

Ohana  Brandon Licuanan – Chicago, IL  This is “Ohana”, the Hawaiian club at my school. “Ohana” means family, and to me, this is truly what the club came to be. A family to me is a group of people that care for and respect one another; they’re able to work together towards a common goal […]

Finding our Family Photo  Keish Kim – Roswell, GA  “ I am dreaming, hoping, and fighting for a better future, because of my mom, my dad, and my brother. I am dreaming, hoping, and fighting for a better future with my mom, my dad, and my brother. I am nothing without my family and they are […]

The Lentine family  Ursula Lentine – Atlanta, GA  This was taken in the early 1940’s. Our family has immigrated from Sicily four generations ago. It started with two brothers. Little by little we arrived, established ourselves by working hard and saving money to get the next relative here. My grandmother’s family had a local grocery […]