Individual parts results in Unity 

Randy Kim – Chicago, IL 

I have two twin brothers.  They don’t resemble each other.  Their personalities are far apart.  My brother Andy on the right loves the Cubs, but Tony, despite the fact that he’s wearing a Cubs jersey, is not a baseball fan.  However, they share similar traits.  They know how to get under my skin!!!  

But underneath the surface, they have love for one another, and I share that bond with them.  When my brothers were infants, my mom used to push on their swing set at the same time.  If both of them are not swinging at the same time, one would start crying.  If one of them is not being fed at the same time, then he would start crying.  Poor mom!

Siblings, no matter, how tough they can be to deal with, and I know from first-hand experience, I can’t imagine my life without them.  Whatever my weaknesses are, such as troubleshooting a PC or putting together furniture, or anything hands-on, they have come through for me.  Whatever one of us lacked, we help each other get better with.  Whenever they disagree with me, I become more aware of what’s going on outside of me.  Whenever, I needed to try a new idea, I would go to them first for their feedback.  

Having siblings aren’t meant to be easy, but they are certainly rewarding.  Having my brothers has made me a better person.  It has allowed me to learn how to accept people’s difference while still being able to love them despite that.  I can’t imagine being separate from my brothers for a long period of time, and I can’t imagine what my twin brothers would do if they were not together.  However, because we are together, our individual parts are a result of our unity.  

Submitted by Randy Kim from Chicago, IL

**Please note:  This photo was submitted by a KRCC staff member and is meant to serve as a sample for the “We Are America, America is Home” photo contest. This will not be part of the final batch of photos that will be considered in the actual contest and is not eligible to be voted on for prizes. **

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