2013 April

Family is ___  Hyunjoo Oh  Rachel says “ Family is Happiness”, Ryan says “Family is a Trust ”, Mommy and Daddy says" Its all about enjoying each other!“

Defining Family  Silvia Patton – Northern Virginia  Photo from our community in Virginia.  Family cannot be defined simply by parents and children, but extended family that keeps us strong. 

Graduation ceremony with my family.   Ju Hong – Alameda, California This graduation photo signifies overcoming adversity in growing up as undocumented immigrants in the United States. Despite many years of discrimination and challenges due to our immigration status, our family persevered as we continued to support each other especially in times of difficulties. Because of […]

Family includes Halmoni  Sandy Yi  The meaning of “family” in my family includes halmoni (grandma).  She is the one that sneaks us candy and soda when mom isn’t looking 🙂

Modern Cuban-American family!  Jesus Cruz

Family is a Mixture!  Hong –Sacramento, CA To me, family means a mix of races, religions, ethnicities, politics… a real melting pot. Korean, Chinese, Japanese, anglo, Christian, Jewish; adopted and birth children; speaking different languages, Hangul and English and Hebrew and Spanish and Russian and Chinese and Japanese, Thai. Family is a mixture! We are […]