I Love my Family 

Cindy Son – Chicago, IL 

My grandfather came to the U.S because his brother invited him. They first lived in New Jersey. My mom came to the State little late through my grandfather’s petition. Later, my grandparents retired and came to live in Chicago. They lived in the same apartment with me. Both my parents had to work and I grew up in lovely care of my grandparents. When I got home from school, it was my grandmother  who greeted me and fed me. I learned Korean from them. My little brother even learn how to play “go-stop”, Korean poker, from them. I love my family. Without them, life in the U.S would be totally different. I heard that the Senate immigration bill didn’t allow U.S citizen to invite their brothers and sisters. If that was the case, my grandfather couldn’t come to the U.S, thus I won’t be here.

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