My Immigrant Family  

Nebula Li

This is my immigrant family. This photo is taken in late 2012.  The folks in the picture are my dad, my brother Galaxy, his wife, me, my mom, my brother Pulsar, and his girlfriend (my older sister May is not pictured). As you can see, there is a theme to our family’s named, and that is why we took this picture at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium.  

My family parents immigrated here from Hong Kong, and my 3 older siblings were born in Canada and Saudi Arabia – I’m the first born here.  In August 2012, my mom had a stroke, immobilizing her left side.  This picture was taken only 2-3 months after her stroke.  With a lot of help from the folks at the Rehab Institute of Chicago, she was able to walk through parts of the planetarium with a cane, although she was in a wheelchair for most of it. I’m proud of this picture because it shows how strong my mom has become despite her stroke, and how strong immigrant mothers and immigrant women can be.

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