2013 May

Disneyland, 1994 Kim Navoa – Chicago, IL [in order: Lola Sianing (great aunt), Auntie Ne (great aunt), Lola (grandma on Ma’s side), Ma, Carla, KC, & me in the stroller; my Pa took the picture] This photograph was taken when my family (parents, 2 sisters, great aunt, and myself) arrived in the U.S. on tourist visas […]

My Definition of Family  Brandon Lee, Chicago, IL During World War II, my Japanese American family was put into an internment camp in Minidoka, Idaho. After camp my grandmother, her husband, many members of their families, as well as thousands of other interned Japanese Americans moved to Chicago.  This picture shows my grandmother (5th from […]

Four Generations of Korean American Women! Jennifer Y. Lee Chicago, IL  I immigrated to Chicago, IL as a nurse and petitioned for my mom and my sisters. Being able to celebrate holidays together means a lot to us because we know what being separated feels like. We treasure every word, every touch, every laughter, and every minute of […]

Siblings  Joseph Park – San Francisco, California My siblings are the very definition of family for me. We laugh, cry, joke, and scream at each other on a daily basis, but at the end of it we have no one else we can rely on as heavily as we rely on one another. The brief […]