2014 May

To Mom: Thank you mom for all the love you have shared with our brothers. Happy Mother’s Day! – Yongho Kim

From Mom: 내 아들들이 이 사회를 공평하다고 느끼면서 살기 바란다. I hope my sons live with the belief that society is fair and just. – Hee Joo Yoon

To Mom: 내 어머니는 더 나은 기회를 주기 위해 우리를 미국으로 데리고 왔고, 우리가 아메리칸 드림을 이루길 바라신다. My mother brought us to the United States to give us better opportunities. And she hoped that we would realize the American Dream. – Hee Joo Yoon

nakasec: #ImmigrantMothersDay: From Mom, To Mom Are you an immigrant mother? Are you the son or daughter of an immigrant mother?  On Saturday, May 10, 2014, we are organizing Immigrant Mother’s Day to honor the hard work and sacrifices of all mothers. They provide America’s children with a life of opportunity and do all that they […]